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Ready Mix Concrete Plant Certification Scheme (RMCPCS)
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Plumbing Education to Employment Program 

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, with the Indian Plumbing Association and the Indian Institute of Plumbing, (IAPMO, IPA, and IIP) have collaborated in the creation and implementation of a strategic, complex, and aggressive Plumbing Education – to – Employment program that is intended to prepare multiple levels of audience groups in India to read, understand, interpret, engage, and apply the provisions of India’s Uniform Plumbing code to initial installations and continued maintenance of plumbing systems.

The initiative is expected to encompass a preparation program for Engineers, one for Contractors/Managers/Supervisors, one for Plumbing Systems Installers and Repairers, and a task training program for Plumbing Construction Workers.

The IAPMO-INDIA Plumbing Education Department consists of a Director of IAPMO Plumbing Education and Certification, located in India; a Workforce Preparation Specialist, located in the U.S.; and a Certification Administrator, located in the U.S.  A committee of experts in India has been convened. This committee is vital to the success of initiative.  IAPMO’s Director of Career Services is responsible for and will oversee all operations of the IAPMO-INDIA Education Department.

During 2008, the department is conducting job domain analyses for multiple positions, conducting job skill analyses, developing personnel preparedness plans, developing an educational partnership plan, designing a personnel assessment/employability plan, designing an employee retention plan, and developing a training delivery implementation plan.