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Exam Certification Program

Exam Certification Program 
IPA - IAPMO India Certification Programme

Introduction to Certification

Certification is separate and distinct from the Plumbing Education and Training Programmes. The IAPMO India - IPA’s comprehensive certification program plays a critical role in assessing knowledge of the Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code-India as an indicator of proficiency in the use of the code and referenced standards.

Many Building/plumbing professionals of varying groups want to pursue the study of Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code – India (UIPC-I) to progress in their career. One way to test the knowledge and have a documented proof for the employers and clients is to possess a certificate of successfully passing of exam in plumbing conducted by a reputed certifying organization. IAPMO India and IPA now facilitate the certification in plumbing. Certification is autonomous from its formal academic programmes and is voluntary in nature.


CPE: Certified Plumbing Engineer
Qualified degree/diploma engineers will use this certification to attest their knowledge of the code requirements for plumbing systems to demonstrate their ability to design and review code-based plumbing systems.

CPS: Certified Plumbing Supervisor
Contractors, construction managers, supervisors, architects and interior designers and will use this certification to demonstrate their knowledge of code requirements relating to installation supervision of code-based plumbing systems.

More information:
  • Qualifications: For CPE minimum qualification is diploma or degree.
    For CPS the minimum qualification is diploma/ Engineering degree with minimum 3 years’ experience or candidates with minimum 15 years of experience in the field of Plumbing/ construction site.

    The candidate should share a resume along with the application form.

  • Study material: Candidates will be encouraged to (purchase and) ‘self-study’ latest edition of the UIPC-I. Once they have adequate code knowledge and practice; they can appear for the certification exam. Besides the codes, there is no other study material provided. Sample papers or exam papers of previous exams are not available.

  • Time Period: Time required for ‘self-study’ and practice depends on every individual. CPE/CPS students will need to study and apply the knowledge to one or two building sites, to be confident.

  • Syllabus: The scope of certification syllabus will be all chapters of UIPC-I including Appendices.

  • Exam pattern: CPE and CPS Certification is a written examination of 100 marks. CPE will stress upon the design aspects while CPS will stress upon the installation standards. These exams are not available on-line. The exam is not objective type. It is also not an open-book exam. Students are required know the definitions by heart, need to draw sketches and are required to remember standard dimensions etc. The exam papers and answer sheets shall be provided to the students.

    For all exams of 100 marks, you need to earn minimum 60 marks to pass.

    The above exams will be held at Bangalore or New Delhi.

    Certification exams will be held the first Friday of April, August and December every year.

  • Fees: Students are required to register for the exam and pay the fees in advance. On-the-spot registration is not possible. Fee for each exam is Rs. 5,000. The total Fee towards the Certification will be:

       -   Rs. 5,000 ( Exam Fee)
       -   Rs. 3,650 (2014 UIPC-I and GPCS –I at concessional rates )
       -   Rs. 500 (Courier charges inside India*)
       -   Rs. 1000 (Certification Fee)
           Total Rs. 10,000 (+ Service Taxes as applicable)

              *Courier charges for international shipment will be as per actuals.

    Payment can be made by way of;
       -   Either cheque or DD drawn in favor of 'IAPMO Plumbing Codes and Standards India Private Limited' payable
           at Bengaluru, or
       -   Wire transfer or Cash deposit to current account no. 072 572381 001
            (The fee once paid shall not be refunded at any circumstances.)

  • Certificate: Certification is achieved by successful completion of an examination in a controlled, proctored setting.

    After passing the required examination, the candidate will receive a certification document.

  • Advantages: The certification will bring advancement in your career by way of increments, promotions, transfers or new job opportunities. For self-employed, certification will give them distinct advantage over their competitors. The Certification exams are based on UIPC-I. Since the parent document UPC is adopted by many countries like US, Canada, Australia, China, UAE etc; certification can offer opportunities abroad too.

For more information please visit or contact:
Swathi Saralaya
Manager - Technical & Training, IAPMO India
No. 22, 12th-B main,
HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar,
Bengaluru 560008
P: 91-80-30714504