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Ready Mix Concrete Plant Certification Scheme (RMCPCS)
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Indian Institute of Plumbing 
In order to improve the skills and expertise of the professional plumbers the Indian Institute of Plumbing (IIP) was set up as the training arm of the Indian Plumbing Association.
The new Uniform Plumbing Code – India has the benefit of years of practical global industry experience and will improve the standards to be consistent with other developed nations. The IIP provides educational and vocational training institutes to meet the large demand for plumbing engineers and technicians.
The quality of plumbing work has long been an issue in India. Plumbers are often unqualified or have graduated from being casual laborers with no education or training. The IIP also provides training for the tradesmen to code adherence and quality of workmanship. This will allow the domestic plumbing industry to grow beyond its inherent limitations based on the shortage of skilled labor.