The IAPMO India Lab Testing Facility, which encompasses 7,000 square feet area renders its services to the Indian population by monitoring the quality of drinking water, waste water, swimming pool water, and food.

With our extensive specialized skills, trained staff, and advanced instrumentation we are capable of testing point-of-use drinking water treatment units for various reduction performance aspects as per national and international standards.


Water Chemistry Lab

Is equipped to perform all chemical analysis related to water, such as estimation of heavy metals, pesticides, natural harmful chemicals, chlorination by-product, PCB, PAH, Anionic surface active agents, and phenolic compound.


Adsorption & Filtration Lab

Is designed to develop and evaluate different adsorption media filters to remove harmful chemical pollutants like pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, chlorine by-product, and heavy metal.


Bacteriology Lab

Is aimed to carry out advance study in bacteriological contamination control and efficiency evaluation of water purifiers. It has the capacity to maintain bacteriological culture.


Virology Lab

Has facilities to detect viruses in drinking water and to perform virus challenge test on water purifiers as per international standards. It also has a facility to carry out cell culture studies and to maintain viral cultures.


Protozoology Lab

With its culture maintenance facility, isolates disease-causing protozoa/cyst and conducts cyst challenge test on water purifiers and filters.


Technology Development Centre

Is established to develop and evaluate new water treatment technologies and also upgrade existing technologies on an ongoing basis.


Information Centre

A well maintained and updated water quality information centre enables our technocrats to keep abreast and up to date on the latest information and data related to water and treatment.


Our Lab Testing Facility is designed to meet all safety norms prescribed by international bodies. It is equipped with safety equipment to control cross contamination of microorganisms and has methods for safe disposal of waste to protect the environment.

We are poised to take water purification technology to a new era. This will enable better solutions to combat drinking water pollution. IAPMO India Lab is open to institutions and organizations that work toward water purification technology and water quality research.



  1. To render services to the public by reliable analysis 
  2. To establish the best possible quality assurance system to maintain and improve consistency and competency of laboratory personnel. 
  3. To ensure a high level of accuracy by using the standard, well maintained and calibrated laboratory instruments.
  4. To follow good laboratory practices and un-biased testing and reporting.   
  5. To continuously upgrade laboratory personnel's skills and knowledge.
  6. To establish a one stop shop for all water-related and water filtration systems and treatment media testing in compliance with Indian and International standards.
  7. Continual improvement of the management system and expansion into PAN India.
  8. To venture into various fields of analysis other than water.